Oct 16 - 24, 2020 

PULSAR is a project by Frederik De Wilde and Bregje Cox that uses data from NASA as a source of inspiration and as building blocks to create meaningful patterns, objects, shapes, and images that can be used in fashion and design (i.e. sunglasses, bracelets, jewelry, woven textile, and so on). 

To realize our concept we developed custom software able to translate celestial data from NASA into stunning visual patterns and 3d models. The results are data-infused garments and accessories made with the help of state-of-the-art technologies and craftsmanship. 

With the help of custom software, we rethink and transform the traditional design process by tapping into the new gold i.e. data. By applying a data-driven material modeling technique we can 3d print data directly into physical objects with the help of our industrial partner Stratasys Ltd. Our approach opens up an entirely new market for extreme personalization that resonates with the DNA of our data-driven 21st century. 

Our goal is to explore how we can create new and fresh narratives to develop stronger emotional attachments between consumers and products.